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About this blog

Japan is one of the beautiful, historical, and unique country. 

Tokyo, sparkling! It’s like a candy store! Tokyo has EVERYTHING.

Kyoto, elegant, beautiful and calm.

Osaka, energetic, fun, and tasty!

Hokkaido, Tohoku region, Central region, Hiroshima, Kyusyu island, Shikoku island, Okinawa…

Visiting ancient temples & Shrines, castles,

Viewing seasonal blossoms, mountains, rivers

Don’t forget about delicious food and Kawaii shopping!

I would say, there is an endless list of attractions, things to do, and places to visit.

Yet, Japanese culture and people often get tricky. (even for me)

Japanmcconnell blog focuses on especially “Japanese culture and travel tips”  to help you travel in Japan,

With the latest and useful REAL information from the Native Japanese.     

Rico McConnell

Hi, I'm Rico, a Japanese native, who enjoys introducing my country's unique culture as the wife of an American husband. This blog mainly about Japan travel guides & Japanese food. My goal is to make My blog packed full of my hospitality!

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