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TAKE A PEEK INTO JAPANESE PANTRY: The Japanese Are Obsessed With The Luxury Sesame Seeds?

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The relatively new trend in Japan, the Japanese are obsessed with everything “luxury”.

There is something you can’t believe in your eyes such as shiny lumpy juicy grapes, a mysterious mesh pattern cantaloupe, and a square watermelon, all in paulownia wooden boxes…

Needless to say, as well as sesame seeds.

Not white, not black, here, golden sesame seeds are the most high-quality sesame seeds since they are rich in nutty aroma and rich flavor.


Sesame seeds have lots of species worldwide and are categorized by the colors of their hulls.

As the name suggested, golden sesame seeds are gold, actually shiny yellow.

The production area of ​​golden sesame seeds is limited, so not only is the production volume smaller than that of other sesame, but the taste and aroma are exceptional, so it is distributed as luxury sesame seeds in Japan.

Shiny yellow sesame seeds are called “KINGOMA” in Japan and are known for top-shelf luxury sesame seeds often used for KAISEKI cuisine.

“KIN” means “gold” and “Goma” means “sesame seeds” in Japanese.

Compared to those white or black sesame seeds, KINGOMA has a rich oily flavor with a luxury sesame aroma.

It takes time and effort to produce and harvest, so the price is also a “luxury”.

Nutrition Values Of Golden Sesame Seeds

Lipids are the main component of sesame seeds.

The three types (colors) of sesame seeds have slightly different amounts of them and the higher the lipid content, the rich-nutty oily flavor.

Golden sesame is richer in fat than other sesame seeds, so its flavor and aroma are recognized as luxury sesame seeds.

*golden sesame seeds contain 60% of lipids, white sesame 50%, and black sesame 40%.


Yet, all sesame seeds (white, black, and gold) have almost the same nutrition components and health benefits.

For more details, please read this post next.

How To Use Golden Sesame Seeds In Cooking

As the summary of golden sesame seeds,

  • Luxury, nutty flavor and aroma.
  • Rich oil
  • Shiny yellow (gold), ceremonial grade.

To use golden sesame seeds well, it is better to use these luxury sesame seeds in cooking so that you can enjoy (or enhance) the original flavor without spoiling it like using as toppings and garnish like sushi, sesame dressing, and “goma-ae” vegetable side dish.

Pressed Sushi With Misozuke Avocado

“Pressed sushi” called Oshizushi is a traditional type of sushi, which literally made by pressing sushi rice and ingredients in a container. Aesthetic, this block-shaped sushi can be an eye-catching dish at a party. Moreover, it is effortless, and super-easy to make even if you’ve never tried making sushi. Since this recipe is used Misozuke avocado and cream cheese, so I skip seasoning the sushi rice. You can make 8 cubed pressed sushi. (*RECIPE)

All-Purpose Basic Asian Sesame Dressing

The all-purpose basic Asian Sesame dressing can easily bring authentic Asian (Japanese) flavor to your daily vivid salad. By using Japanese / Korean toasted sesame oil and high-quality toasted sesame seeds, you can easily upgrade your dressing. Adding fresh garlic & ginger can be an Asian restaurant-grade flavor, and adding wasabi paste or powder, it’ll be Japanese Wasabi dressing to kick your nose. (*RECIPE)

(AND don’t forget to tell your special guests about golden sesame seeds!)

Yet, golden sesame seeds can bring rich nutty sesame flavor when making sweets since they have exceptional nutty aroma and flavor.


Golden sesame seeds which have an elegant rich nutty sesame aroma and flavor can provide “elegant” “luxury” top-shelf sesame oil.

Especially, organic low-temperature pressed golden sesame oil is attractive, it can upgrade your salad instantly.

Enjoy the touching taste of toast pieces of bread, salads, carpaccio, and Hiyayakko (Cold Tofu-sashimi.)


Sesame oil has been incorporated into the Japanese lifestyle for a long time like in other Asian countries. Sesame oil is known as one healthy oil that we should take daily and the Japanese often use it in cooking. Besides, we are addicted to the rich toasty nutty aroma of toasted sesame oil. Or, the elegant light white sesame oil, is used for cooking, dressing, even massage, and skincare. This post will tell you the types of sesame oil, their health benefits, and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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