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Golden Sesame Seeds; The Japanese Are Addicted To The Most Luxurious Sesame Seeds

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Sesame seeds are most consumed (imported) in Japan worldwide.

If my memory is not wrong, I had not seen golden sesame seeds products this much when I was a kid in Japan. (Well, of course, not so many kids are picky about sesame seed products so much.)

Today, as luxury grocery store chains and people who look for high-class groceries and condiments have been increased, the opportunity of seeing golden sesame products has increased.

Golden sesame seeds called “kin-goma” in Japanese are the most highly praised in the market because they are rich in nutty aroma and rich flavor.

So, let’s dive into the details of the mysterious golden sesame seed.

Golden Sesame Seeds

golden sesame seeds

Sesame has lots of species worldwide and is categorized by the colors of shells.

As the name suggested, golden sesame seeds are gold, but it is actually shiny yellowish.

Therefore, “Kin-goma”, the golden sesame seed is also called “Yellow” or “Brown” sesame seed in Japan.

Golden sesame is just the perfect name for them because of its luxurious aroma and flavor. So, it is often used for “Kaiseki cuisine”-the Japanese traditional ceremonial cuisine.

Compared to white and black, it has rich oil (fat) and taste. The aroma is also richer and elegant than others, and it takes time and effort, so the price is also expensive.

Originally from tropical Africa, but Turkish golden sesame seeds are well-known for their quality. In recent years it has been cultivated in Japan and Kagoshima Prefecture has the highest production volume.

Nutrition Of Golden Sesame Seeds

All sesame seeds (white, black, and gold) have almost the same nutrition components and health benefits. For more details, please read this post next.

However, golden sesame seeds contain 60% of lipids against white sesame in 50% and black sesame in 40%.

The shell contains flavonoids, which are expected to have an antioxidant effect and improved eye function.

How To Use Golden Sesame Seeds In Cooking

As the summary of golden sesame seeds,

  • Excellent luxury, rich, nutty flavor, and aroma.
  • The oil content is the highest.
  • It is considered to be a top-shelf, ceremonial grade.

For these reasons, it’s better to use them for the dish that you can taste its original flavor without destroying it.

Therefore, it is ideal for dipping sauces, dressings, and garnishes, toppings.

As the Japanese way, toss a tablespoon of sesame seeds on the sticky rice freshly cooked.

All sesame seeds have hard shells and are hard to be digested. To intake nutrition effectively, grounded or toasted seeds are better to use for cooking.

Golden Sesame Oil

Since the aroma is richer nutty than white sesame, giving it luxurious and elegant sesame oil produced.

It is used when you want to insist on the taste of sesame seed in all dishes.

As I explained, golden sesame seed products include sesame oil is not a cheap price. However, you will be addicted once you taste it. Especially, organic low-temperature pressed golden sesame oil is attractive, it can upgrade your salad instantly like an extra virgin olive oil.

Extra virgin sesame oil is low-heated pressed. It is a new type of sesame oil that has a completely different aroma and taste from ordinary roasted sesame oil. Enjoy the touching taste of toast pieces of bread, salads, carpaccio, and Hiyayakko (Cold Tofu-sashimi.)

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