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[2020] Get Information About Narita Anime Deck & Road in 20 pictures

get information about narita anime deck in 20 pictures Travel Guide

What’s Narita Anime Deck & Road

“Narita Anime Deck”(成田アニメデッキ) is the concept section in Narita Airport, Terminal 2, all about “Japanese Anime & Manga” culture, which has opened November 2019.

Three companies, Anime Tourism Association, KADOKAWA, Narita International Airport Corporation, had cooperated to produce “Narita Anime Deck” for contributing to making Japan where people around the world would like to visit.

“Narita Anime Deck” contained three sections, “Anime Road”, “Food court”, and “Anime goods shop”.

No admission fee is required, it’s located outside of security floors, so anyone can visit and enjoy “Narita Anime Deck” although you don’t use the airport.

General Information

“Narita Anime Road & Deck” is located on the second floor, Narita International Airport terminal 2.

If you take the closest escalator, number 4, you can find the orange color, “Yoshinoya”, Gyudon chain restaurant, and you can see “Narita Anime Deck”

narita anime deck, entrance, narita airport

It opens from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m..

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the food court opens temporarily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Narita Anime Road

narita anime road, narita airport

Popular Anime & manga characters welcome visitors on 65 yards-long hallways.

The wall paintings and die-cut characters are original versions of Narita Anime Road, the concept is “Japanese beautiful seasonal views” such as cherry blossoms, Mt Fuji, autumn colors.

Let’s take a peek what I got for you.

Case Closed

case closed narita anime road, narita airport

case closed, wall picture, narita anime road

neon genesis evangelion

neon genesis evangelion

Sword Art Online

sword art online, wall picture, narita anime road

Attack on Titan

attack on titan, wall picture, narita anime road

attack on titan, wall picture, mt fuji, narita anime road

Tokyo Stray Dogs

Tokyo stray dog, die cut panels

Food Court

the food court, matsuri, narita anime deck, narita air port

The food court concept in “Narita Anime DecK” is “Japanese festivals”(Matsuri,祭り) to bring you an ordinary and extraordinary experience from the beginning and end of your Japan trip at the airport.

The interiors and decorations are based on “Japan”, the things overseas people imagine “Japanese things” such as the red lantern, “Noren”-the Japanese door curtain, “TORII” gate, and fireworks.

The recommended menu are…(according to the official website)

  • Nikujaga (Japanese style Pot-au-feu)
  • Potato salad
  • Roasted vegetables and sausage
  • “Neon Genesis Evangelion” The egg omelet on Yakisoba
  • Japanese-style meatball bento box
  • “BUNGO stray dog” Omurice (Omelet on rice)
  • “Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another” hamburger set (with 5 freezer bags as a freebie)

neon genesis evangelion, egg omelet and yakisoba noodle, narita anime deck

• “Neon Genesis Evangelion” AT field Omusoba (the egg omelet on yakisoba noodles) (¥1,650)

“Omusoba” is an egg omelet on Yakisoba noodles. The egg omelet and ketchup sauce decoration are looked like of “A. T. Field”, and two “Menchi Katsu” (panko fried meatball) as angels on the dish.

hamburger and omelet rice

• Left; “BUNGO stray dog” Omurice (Egg white omelet on rice) (¥1,650)

“Omurice” is a staple of Japanese food, is typically egg omelet (sometimes very fluffy) and ketchup-flavored fried rice.

White omurice resembled with
“Atsushi Nakajima” supernatural power called “Beast Beneath the Moonlight”. 5 freezer bags come as free gift for you.

• Right; “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World” hamburger set (¥1,650)

The rice flour white buns hamburger which resembles Emilia’s white cape. French fries and chicken nuggets come with the dish. Also, 5 freezer bags as free gifts.

Characters Goods Shop

character goods shop, narita anime deck

The main floor of Narita Anime Deck is the character’s goods shop, you can find your favorite character’s items.

Some of items are you can get only here.

“Gundam”/”Bungo Stray Dogs”/”Love live! Sunshine !! ”/”Neon Genesis EVANGELION”/”Case Closed”/”Attack on Titan”/”Sword Art Online”/”Demon Slayer”/”My Hero Academia”/”Touken Ranbu”/ “Hatsune Miku”/”Dragon Ball”/”NARUTO”/”Re:Zero Starting Life in Another story”/”Date A Live”/”Konosoba”/and more..

hello kitty, narita anime deck

gift shop, narita anime deck

Not only “Anime & Manga” characters, there are also “Sanrio” items available.

“Hello Kitty” event is coming soon.

It looks like a big wall painting of “hello Kitty” history, and “Hello Kitty” special cafe menu is coming.

But, it’s too bad timing. Who can travel in this pandemic???

ghibli, narita anime deck

Studio Ghibli is loved by all people in the world.

Japanese Anime 88 Spots

Anime Spot Pilgrimage

anime 88 spot, start point

It is the pilgrimage for Japanese Anime & Manga fans to visit the certified location across the country related to scenes in beloved Anime & Manga.

The Anime Tourism Association, the provider of “Japan Anime 88 stops”, provides the pilgrimage spot list every year after electing places from the vote of fans.

Each spots have certified plaques and a certified stamp for the Pilgrimage.

Spot Zero

As part of the “Japan Anime 88 spots”, Narita International Airport has certified as “No. 0 spot” (the start point) since April 2018, there is the bulletin board (on the left in the picture above) to introduce local certified spots nationwide.

You can see the certified plaque and stamp on the right side of the picture.

fudasho, narita airport

This is going to be “my travel collection” on the wall!

The Ema Stand

ema stand, narita anime road

“Ema”(絵馬) is a wooden wishing plaque originally from the Shinto custom but today you can Ema at temples (which is Buddhism) in Japan.

Generally, people purchase Ema and write their wishes on it and hung up the Ema stand.

As the one of entertainments at Narita Anime Road for anime geeks, there is the Ema stand in the end of Anime road.

ema, narita airport

Ema” are wooden votive tablets with pictures drawn on them and are found at shrines and temples throughout Japan and it is customary for worshippers to write their wishes on these ema. Similarly, Narita Anime Road also has been an ema corner for the enjoyment of Japanese Anime fans from around the world when they visit Narita Airport.

Write a message or draw an illustration on an ema which you have purchased or on an ema card which are available. Perhaps it might be an impression or idea about favorite anime product or a message to people involved in anime products. Hang it on one of the hocks and leave the footprints of your travel at Narita Anime Road.


Now I am writing unfortunately in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many difficulties in traveling for travel lovers.

I just came back from Japan at the beginning of March, so I could avoid server restrictions.

We believe the miserable pandemic will be calm and we sure people enjoy traveling around the world again.

I keep giving you travel tips for Japan as much as I can and help you to travel around in a good way in Japan.

…(and don’t expect the taste of food, but you can get jealous from Anime & Manga geeks when you update pictures on SNS.)

You can download & use my photos freely in only personal use.

Don’t forget to share my post with your friends❤

get information about narita anime deck in 20 pictures

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