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6 Facts About Why I Like Sodastream; Save Money And Earth

Food & Drinks
Food & Drinks
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I am talking about “Sodastream” today, but I am not trying to say that you should buy the one.

(Who doesn’t need sodastream???)

I am using Soda Stream because I like drinking “Vodka & Tonic & Carbonated water”.

I don’t like tonic water only because it’s too sweet for me to drink it up, so I started using a commercial bottle of sparkling water for half for my Vodka & Tonic.

However, I couldn’t find my preferred strong fizzy water for my drink outside of Japan, and I don’t like losing fizz the next day once a bottle is opened.

In Japan, there are two types of carbonated water sold, one is regular bubbles, the other is extra bubbly because Japanese people like extra fizzy carbonated water for Highballs, Sours, and Chuhai.

(In Japan, carbonated water is more familiar than tonic water for a mixed drink. My husband and I often have a hard time finding stores where sell tonic water in Japan.)

So I am very used to heavy fizzy waterand also wondering if I can save money for carbonated sparkling water.

I know I can find very cheap sparkling water at Giant eagle, Walmart…but it’s not enough fizzy for me, so I prefer “Perrier” but pricier for an everyday drink.

It took so long to know about “Sodastream” and also took time to decide purchasing it,

I am very happy about Sodastream since I used at the first time.

Adjust Bubbles

The best feature of Sodastream for me is I can make Extra bubbles water.

You know, the refresh stimilize when the fizzy water going down in your throat!!!

I love it.

sodastream, adjust bubbles

My *Sodastream [1] has an LED carbonation indicator that I can see how much carbonate the water in 3 levels, so I can adjust carbonation each time.

In addition, I can carbonate the water again when it loses fizzy [2].

[1]My Sodastream model is a former generation modelSodastream source.

Personally, I like a LED indicator and manual operated which the official web doesn’t sell anymore.

[2] You can re-carbonate with only water. Never do the water after adding fruit flavor syrup.

I did once, it almost blew up, it’s very dangerous, never do it!


The 1-dollar plastic tray under the gadget was blown away.

Always Fresh

make a lemon sour

I can always make fresh bubbly water.

I am happy about we don’t have to run into a grocery store to buy sparkling water.

Just in case we run a bottle of tonic water out, we have diet tonic syrup.

(But we need to time to get used to its taste.)

Especially you want to drink sparkling water as daily water, natural hard water such as Evian, Vittle brings more minerals to your body.

However, hard water sometimes bothers mixed drinks when you use high-quality liquor, so I recommend soft water for alcoholic drinks.

Easy To Use

Yes, I needed a little courage to set the CO2 gas cylinder and press Sodastream to carbonate water for the first time.

My heart started beating when I squeeze the cylinder to the holder.

Don’t worry, it’s TOTALLY safe.

The cold water is recommended to keep carbonated.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a high solubility when it is cold, in other words when the water is very cold, it can hold a lot of CO2.
When you open the lid of a carbonated water bottle, the less CO2 will be emitted as the colder it is.

Only 3 steps to carbonate water

  1. Fill the bottle with cold water up to the fill line. Not over it (It causes making mess), not too lower. (It causes consuming extra gas.)

fill the water up to the fill line

2. Insert a “Sodastream” bottle into the gadget. Make sure to insert the bottle properly.

sodastream,insert the bottle into the gudget

3. Press the top button or Hold pressing the top to add carbonation (depends on the model)

sodastream, press the button and carbonate water

If you try to look up a former model at some type of outlet malls, or second-hand shops, with some models, you need to squeeze the bottle into the gadget. But current models have“snap-lock bottle insertion”, so it’s very to insert without squeezing a bottle.

My model (Sodastream, Source) has a “snap-lock bottle insertion” luckily for the first one and it is my first Sodastream, so I have never compared the model that doesn’t have the function.

Since I watch the video that using the other model, I am sure I will not go back to the model without “snap-lock bottle insertion”.

Reading some reviews of SodaStream, people blew water and made a mess on counters.

I have been using Sodastream for 3 years, I never have the problem.

Make sure not to fill water over the fill line on the bottle and insert the bottle properly.

Make sure the insertion metal is pulled forward, and then insert the bottle it should snap down and lock it in place.

Even it is “the easy-use snap-lock bottle insertion” function, I always push a bottle a little bit.

Once you get used to it, it’s easy to feel you can set properly or not.

In my experience, the sound is a little odd than usual and the bottle is not stable.

Save Money?

sodastream can save money, plastic bottle

Everyone wants to know whether Sodastream is worth it or not as saving money.

As I said, I can buy a 1-liter bottle of sparkling water $0.99 at Giant eagle.

I consume 1-liter Sodastream water every day and a gas cylinder lasts about 3 months on my average.

  • Giant Eagle…$0.99 × 30 (1 month) = $29.7 + Tax / $29.7 × 3 = $89.1 + Tax for 3 months
  • Sodastream…$29.99 + Tax for 3 months

Moreover, you can get a gas cylinder with a half-price (only $14.99) when you use the “Gas exchange program”.

To exchange a gas cylinder, you can order and return via the official website or go and exchange it at stores handle Sodastream products.

Reduce Waste

plastic bottles, waste

The United States generated 268 million tons of trash, on average, a family of four generates 6,500 lb of plastic waste in 2017. (the washing post)

To use Sodastream,

Say, if you consume a 1-litter bottle of sparkling water in each day, you can reduce 30 plastic bottle wastes when you switch the sparkling water to Sodastream for a month.

30 bottles × 12 months = 360 bottles per year, you could reduce.

bulk, plastic bottles, waste

It’s going to be reduced more if you drinks a 500ml bottle of water.

For example, 360 (1-liter bottle wastes per year) × 2 (500m-bottle is a half size of 1-litter bottle ) = 720 500ml-bottles per year, you could reduce.

You can make major soda pops with Sodastream mixes such as coke, diet coke, ginger ale, tonic water, lemonade, and flavored water.

So you can reduce more other plastic bottles with Sodastream.

A gas sylinder can be exchanged when you get a new one, so it is not going to be waste.

Add Flavor

you can add the flavor syrup after carbonation if you like flavored fizzy water.

“Sodastream” has a wide range of flavor syrups from classic to diet versions, in addition, you can make flavored fizzy water up to 9 litter from 1 flavor bottle.

Coke/Tonic/Diet Coke/Berry Mix/Lemon drop/Cucumber drop/Energy Drink…and more!

You can’t carbonate flavored water after adding flavor mix with Sodastream.

Who doesn’t need Sodastream

women, unhappy

People who…

  • Don’t drink sparkling water much
  • Don’t drink soda pops much
  • Don’t drink mix alcoholic drinks much

Which Models You Should Buy

Fizz ClassicAqua FizzOne Touch
color(s)Black, White, Navy, Icy Blue,
Red, Gold Rose
How to
pump action
Manual pump actionAutomatic, just press a button
Powered by electricityNoNoYes
Selectable levels of fizzNoNoYes
Bottle insertion
Snap lockEasy InsertSnap lock
Compatible bottlesSlim and Classic 1L and 0.5LGlass carafeSlim and Classic 1L and 0.5L
Dishwasher safeNoYesNO

Fizz Classic

“Fizz” is the standard model of Sodastream, make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button on the top with few times.

If you want to fine adjustment of carbonation, this is the best to buy even at a good price.

Moreover, it has the most available colors that you can select colors match with your kitchen.

  • Want to save budget
  • Want to adjust carbonation by yourself
  • Want a color option
  • Don’t want to use electric power

Fizz One-touch

“Fizz One-touch” is only the model to make fresh sparkling water automatically once you press the button on the top.

You can just select from three levels of fizz, and hit the button. (required to press few times.)

It make fresh carbonated water in 10 seconds.

Also, only this model uses electrical power (to use automated function) and available colors are black or white.

  • Looking for just Easy-use
  • Have an available outlet where you want to place it
  • Black or white is just fine

Aqua Fizz

The official site says “Aqua Fizz” is the stylish design and glass carafes.

Also, the insertion process is very easy, just open the slot and place it in.

Only this model has a dishwasher safe bottle.

It also carbonate manually pressing the button.

  • Drink flavored carbonated water frequently (Easy to wash)
  • Like the easiest bottle insertion
  • Like glass carafes


Sodastream source is not in the current generation models, but there are still lots of “Source” fans worldwide.

I know I have never used other models but I like “source” the best while researching current models.

What I like are…

  • Design
  • A LED indicator
  • Manual operation
  • No electricity needed

However, it is not found on the official website for now.

At last why I don’t choose Drinkmate

At last, I am going to tell you why I chosen “Sodastream”, not “Drinkmaker”.

People who like “Drinkmate” is because you can carbonate almost anything of drinks such as fruit juices, red wines, white wines…

Fist of all, I don’t care to carbonate other liquid outside of water and I think I am going to be lazy to wash bottles if I use it for another drink.

Secondly, you need more gas when you make non-water drinks.

Technically, the fill line is much difference between water and other drinks.

Since the fill line is lower, more gas is required.

Third, steps to insert and remove the bottle of Sodastream are fewer and easier than Drinkmaker.

so I chose “Sodastream” and am very happy still now.

But it’s my opinion and I have never used “Drinkmate” so consider whether you like or not.

My “Sodastream” love is because I like mixed drinks, you need heavy bubbles in Japanese style highball and Lemon sour!

6 facts why I like sodastream

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