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1 DAY Pass For Unlimited Osaka Metro And City Bus Rides; Enjoy ECO Card

Enjoy Eco Card, Osaka travel tip Travel Guide

Osaka in Japan is the second-largest city in Japan, the largest city in the west. It is also a very popular sightseeing city among domestic and international visitors.

Transportation networks are really developed throughout the city, it is guaranteed that you will be a heavy user for Osaka Metro which is the handiest way to get around the city.

There are many kinds of “travel pass” to save money and time to enjoy Osaka, “Enjoy Eco Card” is the most simple but convenient transportation pass.

Osaka Metro & Osaka City Buss

Osaka Metro & city buses covers throughout the city of Osaka.

Osaka Metro has 8 subway networks and the new tram and 2 bus networks.

Roughly speaking, Osaka has 5 sightseeing areas, and using Osaka Metro is a much convenient, efficient, and quick way to transfer attraction spots everywhere in Osaka.

  1. Midosuji Line (御堂筋線)
  2. Tanimachi Line (谷町線)
  3. Yotsubashi Line (四ツ橋線)
  4. Chuo Line (中央線)
  5. Sennichimae Line ( 千日前線)
  6. Sakai Suji Line (堺筋線)
  7. Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line (長堀鶴見緑地線)
  8. Imazatosuji Line (今里筋線)
  9. New Tram/Nanko porttown  Line (ニュートラム)
  10. Bus- Imazato Liner  (いまざとライナー)

1-Day Pass For Unlimited Rides

 enjoy eco card 2

“Enjoy Eco card” is the one-day pass that gives you all-you-can -ride for Osaka Metro, New Tram (Nanko port town line), Osaka city buses, and Imazato liner.

It counts the day once it will go through the ticket machine at Osaka Metro station or city bus.


Adult (Over 12 years old)Child (1 – 11 years old)
Weekdays (Mon. – Fri.)¥800¥300
Weekends, Holidays ¥600¥300

If you visit more than 3 Osaka sightseeing spots, the weekend rates will be a great deal. There is no loss in choosing this card.


  • Midosuji Line, Chuo Line, Sakaisuji Line are directly connected to the private railways, be careful there are limited sections with the one-day pass. (You need to pay extra for private railways when getting out the gate.)
  • You can’t use Enjoy Eco Card for the bus rides toward Universal Studio Japan and IKEA.

How To Get Enjoy Eco Card

  • Ticket machines at all Metro stations
  • Ticket offices at Umeda, Higashi Umeda, Namba, Tennoji, Tanimachi 9-Chome, Sakaisuji Hommachi, Tamaide, Kyoibashi, Nakamozu, Hirano, Benten-Cho, TaishibashiImaichi, PorttownHigashi
  • Kiosk
  • From bus drivers
  • City Bus offices at Itakno, Nakatsu, Moriguchi, Sumiyoshi, Suminoe-Cho, Tsurumachi, Torishima

Via Ticket Machine

ticket machine

  1. Make sure you have cash or the machine accept credit card payment
  2. Touch the screen
  3. Press the “English” button
  4. Select “Card” button
  5. Touch “One-Day Pass” or “One-Day Pass Weekends & Holiday”

It is not only in Osaka, but old and new types of ticket machines are mixed in many subway stations in Japan.

If you want to save time, make sure you have cash, not so many ticket machine accepts credit card payment.

Get Special Discount For Attractions

Popular attractionsDiscount Price (¥)
Osaka Castle Tower ¥600→¥540
Umeda Sky Building 10% discount
Tsutenkaku Tower¥100 discount
Tennoji Zoo¥500→¥350
Osaka Museum of Housing and Living¥600→¥500
Tempozan Ferris Wheel ¥800→¥700
Shiteno ji TempleCentral temple; ¥300→¥200
Garden; ¥300→¥200
Treasure Hall; ¥500→¥200
KidsPlazaAdult; ¥1,400→¥1260
Child; ¥800→¥720
Science Museum Adult; ¥400→¥320
Student; ¥300→¥240
Water bus “Aqua liner”10% discount
Osaka bay cruise “Santa Maria”Adult; ¥1600→¥1000
Child; ¥800→¥500
The National Museum of Art, OsakaThe group rate is applied
Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum¥500→¥450
Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts¥300→¥150
And more…

*Information as of August, 2020

Discounts are valid for the only ticket holder on the printed day.
Discount prices and facilities subject to change without notice. 

Compared with regular prices

Now you are wondering how much you can save with the one-day pass.

The fare starts from ¥180 for 1 stop to ride Osaka Metro and New tram.

  • For 2stop/ ¥230
  • For 3stop/ ¥280
  • For 4stop/ ¥330
  • For 5stop/ ¥380

If you go to more than three or four spots druing a day, Enjoy eco card will be very profitable.

Let see, how much will the transportation cost be according to DAY-1 from my 2-day Deep Osaka itinerary.

  • Use Osaka Metro only.
  • Start from Shin-Osaka station.
DestinationsThe RouteCost (Child)
Osaka Castle Shin-Osaka – Tanimachi4chome¥230 (¥120)
TsuruhashiTanimachi4chome – Tsuruhashi¥340 (¥170)
Shin sekaiTusuhashi – Doubutsuen-mae¥230 (¥120)
NambaDoubutsuen-mae – Namba¥180 (¥90)
Total¥980 (¥500)

So, for adult, Enjoy Eco Card can save ¥180 on weekdays, ¥380 on weekends.

For kids, it can save ¥200.

Doesn’t look much saving for you???

If so, you should buy the prepaid transportation card that you can use most of major transportation throughout Japan.


“Enjoy Eco Card” is a perfect pass for sightseeing, where you can enjoy unlimited transportation all day long in Osaka.

You can start using the pass simply by inserting the ticket gate (when you get off the bus), so you can buy it in advance.

Please check out the “Osaka Amazing Pass” guide, and consider which card is the best for you.

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