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DAISO in Japan; Take A Peek Japanese Unique 100 Yen Shop and Learn Japanese Culture

DAISO in JAPAN take a peek unique 100 yen shop Travel Guide

DAISO is the largest 100 yen shop chain, there are over 2,700 shops in Japan, and many branch stores in overseas today.

DAISO has more than 70,000 products and most are own-merchandise.

It’s like a small home center, DAISO covers most of the household items and DIY items, so it all-generations, all-genders can enjoy shopping.

Especially, DAISO has been producing “the Japanese-like” items for overseas visitors, and also most items have products labels written in English and some other languages.

I am going to show some unique items rather than Kawaii items today.

Washi tape

Japanese-Like designs

washi tape masking tape daiso japan rico

“Washi Tape” is also a must-buy item for Japanese women as well as you. 

Japanese “washi tape” designs are more wide varieties, from “classic to Kawaii”.

If you go to handicraft stores or stationery stores in Japan, washi tape generally cost over ¥250, but in DAISO, you don’t have to worry about your budget. 

DAISO has many ” the Japanese-like” designs for foreign visitors more than other 100 yen stores, (in my opinion), 

Washi tapes will be perfect gifts for yourself and your fams, find unique designs in DAISO. 

By the way, we don’t call “washi tape” in Japan, it is called a “Masking tape” aka “MaSuTe”(マステ) as a short version to say. 

Japanese phrase 12

Coloring Washi Tape

enable coloring washi tape daiso japan rico

I found a unique masking tape, oops, washi tape in DAISO, which is you can color on it and make it original. 

It’s suitable for kids and girls, isn’t it?

Japanese-Like gifts

Solar Power Motion toys

Japanese gifts Daiso Japan rico

It is one of my curiosity about why people like solar powered motion toys since I started living outside Japan.

I mean, obviously the number of opportunities to see these toys is more than I lived in Japan.

Maybe DAISO already knows it?!

You can often find these toys at the Japanese souvenir section in DAISO stores.

Sushi key chains

Japanese gifts Daiso Japan Japanmcconnell

Kids love “SUSHI” key chains!

Every time I give this unique key chain, they put big smiles on their face.

If you look for Sushi key chains well, there are “squishy” sushi key chains too.

squishy, suhi, toy, 100yen shop, japan

The “squishy” series not only SUSHI but also other kinds of food, and definitely unique and actually you can’t stop to squish it.

Plastic Bottole Cover

pet bottle sleeve daiso japan

They are not socks. 

“Koozies” isn’t produced in Japan, instead Japanese people use “plastic bottle covers” a lot.

They use plastic bottle covers especially in the summertime,

rikakkuma, plastic bottle holder, japan, 100yen shop

to prevent other things wet from water beads in their bags.

Also, in  wintertime,

they use plastic bottle covers to hold hot drinks such as Japanese green tea, English black tea, oolong tea, Korean honey, and ginger tea. 

However, these plastic bottle covers (holders) don’t have thermostat function.

“Just cute”. 

pet bottle holder, 100 yen shop, japan

Bento goods

“Chara-ben” Culture

kyaraben japan

Do you know “Chara-ben”?

“Chara-ben”(キャラ弁) is a new Japanese Bento culture, which is bento lunches filled with decorated food items often used popular characters from Disney, Ghibli, Sanrio, and more.

You might have heard about “face food”, its official name is “Character Bento” (キャラクター弁当) in Japanese.

Originally, a decorated bento was intended to interest children in food and to encourage a wider nutritious range of eating habits, and it got dexterous arts today for making stand out “Chara-ben”

Mommies & Wives become “Chara-ben” masters, they get up early and make artistic “Chara-ben” with technics,

they also enjoy updating their works on SNS and get satisfaction from many “LIKE”s.

Chara-ben Gadgets

food picks daiso

I often buy “Kawaii food picks” for finger foods at home party.

muffin cup obento daiso japan

Plastic, aluminum or silicone cups are used as a separator in Bento Box.

Also, it prevents to transform the flavor from other items, or from juice or sauce.

bento picks daiso japan

It is little creasy how many types of “Gadgets” for Japanese Bento.

Also, Common tools for Chara-ben are

  • A character-shape rice ball mold
  • Vegetable cutters (you can imagine a cookie cutter)
  • A “Nori”- seaweed sheet cutter
  • A Ketchup pencil
  • A stencil sheet…

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Utensils

kitchen stuff daiso japan rico

It may not so much different dollar store but when I want small-size kitchen tools, I buy some in Japan.

Japanese Typical Salt & Sugar Containers

spice rack sugar salt container daiso japan

Japanese kitchen is not big and has limited space in covers, small and slender containers (one like the top right side of the picture) tend to be popular in Japan.

The handy points are it has a handle, and also you can open the lid with one hand.

Spice Jars

spice containers sesame grinder daiso japan

100 yen shops have a variety of spice jars and squeeze bottles for soy sauce, Worcester sauce, oils, and mayonnaise.

I know you can get these things in your country, but again, I like the same-size for the reason.

Japanese containers and jars are often very unique and small, I like to put all spices and seasoning in the covers and drawers, so Japanese size is perfect for me.

squeeze bottle, sauce, lid, 100 yen shop, japan

Also, I like the squeeze bottle comes with the separate lid, I couldn’t find one in the US, so I bought it in Japan.

• Sesame seed grinder

sesame seed grinder, 100 yen shop, japan

Sesame seeds are important garnish in Japan.

This is a sesame seed grinder, it is a very handy tool. 

Just turn the handle!

When sesame seeds are ground just before serving, it brings more aroma and flavor.

Besides, I highly recommend Korean producing sesame seeds.

It is a little pricy but high-quality, aroma, and flavor of sesame seeds.   

Insted of  Parmigiano-Reggiano, toss the fresh grinded sesame seeds on your salad!

• Soy Sauce Bottle

soy sauce server, 100 yen shop, japan

Japanese people use soy sauce every day for cooking and seasoning. 

Usually, people use separate soy sauce bottles for cooking and serving on the table.

It’s similar if you use separate bottles of olive oil for cooking and serving.

I use this soy sauce server for extra virgin olive oil because 

it has a non-drip spout. 

You can adjust the amount of oil while holding the small hole on the lid.


There are more UNIQUE things in DAISO.

Paper Gift Bags

paper bags for gifts

It will be a special gift for your family and friends when you send gifts in these “Kawaii” paper bags. 

Usually, 3 – 5 paper bags in one bag. 

The Deodorant Sticker

deodorant sticker daiso japan

Isn’t it unique??? It is a DEODORANT STICKER applied Charcoal powder for the toilet bowl.

I bought this to make guests fun.

my guest bathroom

Does it work?

Ummm…American bathroom is much bigger than the typical Japanese one,

so…Ummm…but I can put guests smile on their faces.

Portable Bidet

portable bidet daiso japan rico

This gadget is the “portable bidet that attaches to a plastic bottle“. 

Seriously, almost all Japanese toilets have a water washlet bidet function, so some people can’t live without it anymore.

Many portable bidets for travel are available on markets in Japan.

travel, handy, reasonable price

So for Japanese travelers, it’s very handy and reasonable.

Cleaning Tools For Drainer Basket

daiso japan dish drainer basket cleaner

I think it is ridiculous…oh well, could be handy.

This is cleaning tools for a basket of dishwasher or drainer, one is a brush and another is a sponge with three slits. 


I picked up more unique items today for you, so you can imagine what Japanese life is like.

DAISO stores have the most possibilities that you can use credit cards to pay, however, better to bring cash when you go to 100 yen shops in Japan.

Walking around in 100 yen shop is very fun,

you may feel Japanese are a little crazy when you find unique items you will never see in your country.

You can withdraw cash with an international credit card at Seven-eleven convenience stores and Japan Post Bank (Yucho).

Indeed, none of 100 yen shops in my home town accept the credit card payment.

DAISO in JAPAN take a peek unique 100 yen shop

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