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7 Best Japanese Stationery Gifts for FAMS At Seria

7 Best Japanese Stationery Gifts for family and friends at Seria Travel Guide

If you look for something “Kawaii” & “Unique” knick-knack gifts for yourself, family and friends in your country,

go and see what 100 yen shops have.

Japanese 100 yen shops are not like dollar stores in other countries, items in 100 yen stores are decent quality, unique designs, and stylish.

Sometimes you will be surprised by Japanese unique innovation ideas,

you can’t get out the wonderland once you are in.

I talk about the top 3 popular 100 yen stores in Japan on this page,

“DAISO”, “Seria” and “CAN☆ DO”.

Among these stores, “Seria” is my favorite 100 yen shop.

Against DAISO targets of all ages, all genders, and foreign tourists,

Seria targets mainly young women who love “Kawaii”, stylish, fancy, handicrafts, and DIY.

Moreover, Seria has many stationery items.

If you love Japanese kawaii, fancy, unique, high-quality stationaries, Seria is perfect for you.

Before shopping in Seria, bring enough cash with you!

They probably don’t accept credit card payment.

All items in Seria in my home town, May 2019 so that items may change when you visit in the future.

Japanese Pens

japanese pens salasa seria japan

Japanese stationery, pens are very popular worldwide.

Indeed there are many “Japanese pen geeks” travel to Japan for buying pens.


Japanese pens are reasonable but last longer, a wide range of inks and pen nib width, smooth writing touch.

pens pens seria japan rico

You don’t need to go to stationary goods stores such as “Tokyu hands”, “LOFT”, there are many options even in 100 yen shops in Japan as you can see.

You can buy popular high-quality pens such as “Pentel” “Uni” “PILOT” in 100-yen shops and I feel Seira has more options compared with others.


note pads, shelf, seria, 100 yen shop, japan

Especially at Seria, many designs of the notebooks, notepads are waiting for you.

From stylish and cute to a classic style.

kawaii memo pad seria japan

I should have counted the number of designs of pocket note pads at Seria.

I had a hard time not scream when I found super cute a Sushi pad!

It’s gonna be the funny gift for your family and friends,

or using it as a message card is perfect!

seria, notepad, ninja, my room, 100 yen shop, japan

I bought the “Ninja” note pad for my work.

The same design of “Ninja” is printed on 100 sheets in this pad.

Japanese Stickers

kawaii stickers seria japan

As like note pad, you can’t count the number of sticker times in the 100 yen shop, Seria, and all are CUTE.

I wish I could buy all “Kawaii” stickers! I use stickers for my bullet journal.

Flake sticker series

flake stickers seria Japan rico

Kawaii flake stickers seria Japan

I found a new(?) sticker series named “flake stickers” at Seria.

These flake stickers are die-cut papers with sticky part/glue on the back. 

A variety of designs such as flowers, animals, foods…and also many types of materials such as clear style, washi paper style, washi-tape like.

Colorful and super cute.

Decorate your journal, recipe note, gifts, and schedule note with Flake stickers!

Sticky Notes

sticky note seria japan rico

“Sticky notes” are perfect gifts for everyone!

Think how jealous your friends will be when you tell them you got your kawaii sticky notes in Japan!

The small cute & funny sticky note will be essential to make your life smile and happy.

I always buy sticky notes at 100-yen shops and never use them. (can’t use them, they are damn cute. )

I put them in my drawer and enjoy sneaking them sometimes at home.

my sticky notes collection, 100 yen shops

Washi Tapes

washi tape seria japan rico

Do you know “Washi tapes” crafts originally started in Japan?

I believe Japanese girls started decorating greeting cards, journals, photo albums, paper clips, wooden benches… with “washi tapes” and there are many “washi-tape” geeks in Japan.

By the way, the Japanese don’t call “washi tape”,

It is called actually “masking tape” aka “Ma Su te” in Japanese.

Japanese phrase 12

• How about the 100 yen -quality?

Compared with popular high-quality washi tape in Japan, (“mt” is the major bland),

it is the attractive point that new designs are coming one after another at 100 yen stores, but the impression of its quality is different each.

It is unknown until you actually open it, some washi tape is not enough sticky when using another way except for papers, or some washi tape is hard to cut.

However, I have such a low quality of washi tape once a time every 10 washi tapes purchased.

my washi tape collection, 100 yen shop

Origami Papers

origami paper seria japan

Must buy “Origami papers” at 100 yen shops! 

It is only ¥100! So much cheaper than the US,

and there are many options for designs such as Japanese traditional, Kawaii, funny, and Disney’s characters.

Japanese origami papers are also much thinner than one sold  in the US,

so it is much easier to fold Origami crafts. 

tanigumisan, gidu, origami

Shop Japanese Stationery ONLINE

Luckily, we are able to buy Japanese stationery from online shops everywhere you live.

Amazon, Etsy, ebay, MUJI…



flake stickers, Japanese pens,

MUJI Online

muji, mujirushiryouhin, japan


How do you like my favorite 100 yen shop, “Seria”?

Seria, with its Kawaii, pop, stylish products, has been highly reviewed at Japanese 100-yen shops.

Seria offers a variety of products targeting young women especially by offering a wide selection of handicrafts, gift wraps, kitchen tools, tableware, and stationeries.

Find something Japanese trendy cute stuff definitely in Seria!

(DAISO is OK if you looking for “THE JAPANESE-LIKE”, toys or unique household supplies, but my recommendation is “Seria’.)

It is the place to go when you visit Japan.

Don’t forget “Bringing CASH” for Seria shopping.

7 Best Japanese Stationery Gifts for family and friends at Seria

Looking for the latest trend of Japanese 100 yen shops?

My Latest 100 yen shop guide!

the best guide of 100 yen shops in Japan with my love

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