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Become A Ramen Master At Home: Authentic Shoyu Ramen From Scratch

Easy Authentic Shoyu Ramen Made Of Homemade Chicken Broth Food & Recipes

Making ramen from scratch is not so hassle in home cooking. I mean, just picking up simple steps despite we can go for the professional ramen-shop grade processes.

Yet, this easy homemade shoyu ramen recipe is pretty tasty made of homemade chicken broth.

Although I mention it is an easy ramen recipe, it still needs a little more effort than making instant noodles; you’ll need a minimum of a day to make Chasyu pork and ramen eggs. (Basically, it’s the marinating time. )

Shoyu Ramen Soup

Shoyu ramen in Japan refers to the ramen noodle soup made of dashi broth mixed with a dark soy sauce base, and often called “Chuka Soba” translated to “Chinese noodles”.

Shoyu ramen has been the staple flavor of ramen noodle soup as well as Shio ramen (simple chicken soup flavor) throughout the country.

Tonkotsu ramen or miso ramen is getting attention around you, however, in Japan, many local signature ramen noodle soups are often based on Shoyu ramen.

Generally, the soup in Shoyu ramen is preferably made of Japanese dashi broth from dried fish, Dashi kombu, or chicken bones.

My shoyu ramen recipe is made of homemade chicken broth which you can get easily while using an Instant Pot or a pressure cooker since my American hubby can’t stand the smell of “the stuff” of dried fish or dashi kombu.

INSTANT POT/ PRESSURE COOKER RECIPE: Easy Homemade Asian Chicken Broth

Super-savory healthy homemade Chicken soup in 30 minutes. You can use it right away-make homemade Shoyu Ramen! Store the soup in a fridge and freezer. Remove excess fat after letting it refrigerate. This chicken broth can be from Asian to your comfy flavor while changing flavored vegetables.

Save the chicken bones from your (or Costco, Sam’s…) roast chicken and make chicken broth for homemade ramen!

Can you make Shoyu Ramen made with pork bone broth?

Yes, it’ll be your recipe so you can choose pork broth for Shoyu ramen.

Japanese-style Shoyu Tonkotsu ramen is made of super-rich white (emulsified) pork broth, yet, here is my homemade pork bone broth recipe for those who prefer lighter, clear, sweet (from veggies) broth.

What Can I do if I don’t want to use Chicken soup powder?

I use chicken soup powder (Asian flavor) to the soup in this recipe to add rich flavor easily.

Continue boiling down the homemade chicken (or pork) broth without removing bones until it gets half the amount after making the broth in my recipe if you don’t like to add the chicken powder.

Besides, add oyster sauce or miso paste when making the ramen soup to make a richer flavor without using the chicken soup powder.

Ramen Noodles In Japanese Home Cooking

I sometimes disappoint the readers when I don’t mind using any type of noodles such as rice noodles or Chinese egg noodles for homemade ramen and I tell them “AUTHENTIC”.

Fortunately, because of Ramen fans worldwide, you can get AUTHENTIC JAPANESE RAMEN NOODLES online, if you’ll looking for them.

But, I am easygoing and if you’re too, you can use gluten-free rice noodles, healthy konjac noodles, or actually, you can convert spaghetti to Japanese-style ramen noodles.

This cooking hack is really popular among the Japanese who live outside of Japan.

Now, you don’t have to wait for delivery from AMAZON while checking outside the door.

Only you’ll need spaghetti, baking soda, salt, and water.


Ramen Toppings


Chashu is almost the staple on ramen bowl dishes, often, made of pork belly or shoulder.

Round or not round braised pork slices are authentically seared and then cooked slowly in Cashu sauce.

At home cooking, that way sometimes makes the meat dry and chewy which is not what I am looking for.

My chasyu pork recipe is using “sous vide” cooking method and provides tender moisten Chasyu pork every time.

A little pinky color may make you nervous, so sear pieces before serving.

[INSTANT POT RECIPE] Become A Ramen Master At Home: Japanese-Style Chashu Pork (made of pork shoulder)


Nitamago is almost there when you’re going to make the Chasyu pork.

Make soft or hard-boiled eggs as you like, remove shells, then marinate the eggs in the CHasyu sauce overnight.

*The Nitamago eggs in the image are marinated for 3 days.

Here is the cooking guide if you want to know how long to cook eggs perfectly.

How To Boil Eggs Perfectly In Japanese Cooking

Besides, I also recommend “Misozuke Tamago” for a ramen topping as well as Nitamago eggs.

Rich sweet miso flavor goes perfectly with simple Shoyu ramen soup.

Simply, marinate the boiled eggs in the miso sauce.

If you want to go for it, check out this post.

MISOZUKE TAMAGO For Salad, Nibbles, Ramen: Marinate Boiled Eggs In MISODOKO


MENMA is also a beloved topping for Japanese ramen noodle soup!

You can get authentic fermented bamboo shoots on Amazon, or make MENMA-LIKE made with canned bamboo shoots.

As well as Nitamago eggs, Menma-like bamboo shoots are made with the same CHASHU sauce for CHASHU pork.



La-yu is the Japanese favorite condiment to add a spicy sesame oil aroma to dishes.

You can get easily Japanese Layu chili oil today, however, my homemade Layu recipe is worth making if you like really spicy sauce.

Homemade Layu: Keep This Japanese Hot Sauce In Your Pantry

By the way, ground white pepper goes also perfectly with simple ramen noodles.

Easy Authentic Shoyu Ramen Made Of Homemade Chicken Broth

Become A Ramen Master At Home: Authentic Shoyu Ramen Made Of Homemade Chicken Broth

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Making ramen from scratch is not so hassle in home cooking. I mean, just picking up simple steps despite we can go for the professional ramen-shop grade processes. Yet, this easy homemade shoyu ramen recipe is pretty tasty made of homemade chicken broth. Although I mention it is an easy ramen recipe, still, it needs a little effort more than making instant noodles, which you’ll need a minimum of a day to make Chasyu pork and ramen eggs. (Basically, it’s the marinating time. )
Course Dinner, Lunch
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 1 seaving


  • 3.5 oz Ramen noodles *
  • Chasyu Pork
  • Nitamago eggs

For The Shoyu Ramen Soup

  • 2 cups Homemade Chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp Japanese dark soy sauce (Kikkoman)
  • 1 tbsp Japanese sake or white wine
  • ½ TSP Chicken soup powder (Asian flavor)
  • ½ TSP Raw cane sugar
  • ¼ TSP Salt


Make Shoyu Ramen Soup

  • Bring 2 cups of chicken broth and 1 tbsp of sake to a boil in a medium pot.
  • Add sugar, soy sauce, chicken soup stock powder, and salt. Simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, cook the ramen according to the package instructions.
    Warm up a serving bowl with boiled water.
  • *If you want to convert spaghetti to ramen noodles, add baking soda to boiling water and cook the pasta for 2 minutes longer.
    For more details, read this post.
  • Empty the serving bowl, and add ramen noodles and the soup.
    Top with Nitamago eggs, Chashu pork, and chopped scallion.



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Switch chicken broth to pork broth for a deeper richer flavor.

This homemade pork bone broth made of neck bones is naturally sweet from veggies and light and mild than tonkotsu soup.

Do you want to know how to clean neck bones and turn them into savory soup?

Click here to get the recipe.


Japanese Style TANTANMEN Recipe: Spicy Creamy Ramen

Spicy rich creamy nutty ramen noodles! Easy to make, grab a peanut butter in your panty! Tantanmen is definitely the Japanese ramen you want to try when you are looking for a new flavor and you will be obsessed with the sesame-seasoned soup (peanut butter in this recipe).



It makes sense to make ramen soup with the leftover Chashu sauce.

In this post, I’ll tell you to make ramen soup using the sauce after making a Japanese-style pork neck dish and the Chasyu pork.



Japanese instant ramen noodles are no longer more than just instant noodles. Thousands of these culturally significant instant noodle products in Japan have dramatically improved flavors and styles since Momofuku Ando created instant noodles in 1958. Not only in Japan, but they’ve also been booming worldwide as another cool Japanese culture. Graduate from regular curly-fried instant noodles! Try non-fired stick instant ramen noodles called “Boh ramen” in Japanese to get inspired! It almost drags you into the kitchen rather than going out to ramen shops.



Ramen noodles to refresh and energize with a cold summer noodle salad. With colorful vegetables, savory protein, and tangy refreshing dressing to put it all together. Cold ramen noodles, the popular summer noodle dish called Hiyashi Ramen or Hiyashi Chuka in Japan, for all your afternoon outdoor patio, yard parties, and summer picnics. Hiyashi Ramen is not difficult to make, besides, this recipe is super easy to make with MARUTAI Boh ramen.


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