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Food & Drinks

What’s Hondashi Powder

Food & Drinks

Summer Grilling! Home Izakaya Recipe; Japanese Yakitori Chicken

The meaning of Yakitori is bite-size pieces of meat, seafood, and veggies on bamboo skewers and grilled. Japanese yakitori is classically cooked over small charcoal grills and it attracts visitors with cooking over charcoal gives a smoky and charcoal flavor that's simply Umai (tasty.) Everyone wants to try to make unforgettable Japanese taste at home and what do you think if it's possible to make it? How about reading this post and getting ready for the summer grill?
Food & Drinks

Creative! Chicken Yakitori Leftovers Recipes

No more headache, no more waste. Don't you want to have another summer grilling weekend after cleaning leftover Chicken Yakitori in your fridge? The Japanese don't like the waste of food. Here are Japanese home cooking recipes to good to use leftover grilled chicken up. Read this post and find your inspiration!
Culture, Etiquette

Japanese MOTTAINAI Aesthetic

"Mottainai" is one of the representative terms to refer to Japanese culture. It is commonly used daily when wasting food, things, money, time...everything when they have regrets to waste these values. You may know the meanings of "Mottainai" as environmental activities, so its spirit has been influenced across the world. But, what's the original meaning of "Mottainai"??? Today, I am going to tell you about Japanese Mottaianai sprit.
Food & Drinks

Atsuyaki Tamago Sando; Make Japanese Fluffy Egg Omelet Sandwich On Kissaten Menu At Home

Food & Drinks

Homemade Authentic Japanese Teriyaki (Yakitori) Sauce; For Yakitori, Grilled Meat and Vegetables

You can make authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce at home! Learn about how to make professional-taste Teriyaki sauce without Mirin. All you need is dried dashi kelp, sugar, soy sauce, Sake, and patience. Read this easiest Teriyaki sauce recipe!
Food & Drinks

Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna With Authentic Teriyaki Sauce

Food & Drinks

Tender Sweet And Spicy Japanese-style Grilled Chicken Wings

Japanese chicken wing recipe based on the classic dish. It is not a crispy "Tebasaki" chicken wings in the Japanese Izakaya menu. Chicken wings are slow-cooked and grilled to finish. Sweet & spicy Teriyaki glaze makes you hungry! These addictive chicken wings are tender, fluffy, and never worry about under-cooked.
Food & Drinks

Easy Steps: Japanese “Nagoya”-style Chicken Wings

Japanese-style chicken wings are the staple Izakaya menu- crispy and peppery, non-teriyaki sauce. Nagoya-style chicken wings are popular local food in Japan, which is coated with Teriyaki sauce after double-fried. Addictive sticky and crispy chicken wings! Easy steps with tips.
Food & Drinks

Rice Flour 101; Health And Cooking Benefits

Rice flour is finely ground raw rice and is used to make rice noodles and pancakes, thicken soups and stews, for a bakery. I recommend its health benefit, especially It's gluten-free! Rice flour can provide dietary fiber, which can be expected to lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, and help with digestion. The best thing about is rice flour can really make food crispy when frying with it at home. Read this post and get to know about rice flour more to incorporate in-home cooking!
Food & Drinks

The Common Japanese Side Dish; Kinpira Guide (Recipe & Tips)

What's Kinpira? Kinpira is a popular Japanese side dish or nibble, commonly root vegetables sautéed with soy sauce, sugar, and Japanese sake. Kinpira is one easy cooking without technique and tools. However, you may need to learn tips to make the perfect crisp Kinpira dish. I will give you the basic recipe with carrots.
Food & Drinks

The Japanese Secret; The Benefits Of Sesame Oil In Cooking And Wellness

Sesame oil has been incorporated into the Japanese lifestyle for a long time like in other Asian countries. Sesame oil is known as one healthy oil that we should take daily and the Japanese often use it in cooking. Besides, we are addicted to the rich toasty nutty aroma of toasted sesame oil. Or, the elegant light white sesame oil, is used for cooking, dressing, even massage, and skincare. This post will tell you the types of sesame oil, its health benefits, and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.
Food & Drinks

Golden Sesame Seeds; The Japanese Are Addicted To The Most Luxurious Sesame Seeds

White, black...and have you ever heard "golden" sesame seeds? As the name suggested, is the best sesame seeds-the excellent, luxurious, rich nutty flavor and aroma because of its rich oil contain. The Japanese absolutely are addicted to golden sesame seeds that we call Kin (gold) Goma (sesame). More details about mysterious golden sesame seeds? Here is the ultimate guide to read!
Food & Drinks

Black And White Sesame seeds; Health benefits, How to use in Japanese Cooking

Sesame seeds are essential in Japanese cooking. It also gets attention as one of healthy grain, and the Japanese take advantage of sesame benefits! So, what's are the health benefits of sesame seeds, and are they different among black, white, and golden? Let's "open the sesame" with me!.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Sesame Seed Products Guide; Irigoma, Surigoma, Nerigoma

Sesame is often used in Japanese cooking. Roasted, ground, paste, and sesame oil, nutrition values are almost the same in the sesame products, but you can upgrade the taste of dishes when you use them properly depends on the dish. Roasted whole sesame gives you crunchy texture and strong flavor every bite, ground sesame has a strong flavor and aroma, a paste can be easily enhanced sesame flavor in dressing and soup. In this post, I will introduce all the popular sesame products in Japan.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Basic Cooking; How To Make A Paper Thin Egg Omelet (Usuyaki Tamago)

When you enjoy a Japanese home cooking recipe, you will have opportunities to make "Usuyaki-Tamago" or "Kinshi-Tamago"- a paper-thin egg omelet. It is one of the basic menus but it is commonly used as decoration and garnish adding brilliant yellow color to the dish. Special tools such as a Tamagoyaki pan are not required, here is the recipe to make a perfect thin egg omelet.
Travel Tips

Shikoku Region In Winter

Winter Vacation Plan For Traveling Japan; Shikoku Region is an island located southwest of the main island, Japan. Relatively, the mild winter. Weather averages and tips for winter essentials and get inspiration from the Shikoku region's winter.
Food & Drinks

Japanese-Style “Harusame” Bean Thread Noodle Salad

Glass noodles are a common food in Asian cuisine, and it is called "Harusame" in Japanese. Japanese Harusame noodles are mainly made of potato starch. Harusame salad is also a popular salad menu in Japan- it's refreshing and addictive with sesame oil and soy sauce-based dressing. You can use Mung Bean Thread Vermicelli instead, but not rice noodles if you care about calories.
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