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5 Things to do in TOYOTA city, Japan

five-things-to-do-in-TOYOTA-city-Japan Travel Guide

Do you know TOYOTA CITY where is the suburb of NAGOYA CITY?

The city is not only famous for the TOYOTA headquarters office but also it has one of the stadiums where the rugby world cup game held in 2019.

You can get to Toyota city for one hour by train, bus, and car from Nagoya.

If you spend Nagoya for a few nights, you should visit the city, especially in the fall.

I am going to tell you 5 things you should do in Toyota city area.


toyota kaikan museum entrance hall

TOYOTA KAIKAN MUSEUM is like an amusement park where anyone can enjoy to learn about TOYOTA’s history and future technology without the admission fee.

The museum has several features beyond the concept of corporate PR, with having experiences of TOYOTA’s cutting-edge technology such as the violin shows by the future partner robot, the exhibitions of evolution, and experiences the future automatic support-driving system through the simulator.

*The partner robot is currently relocated to Toyota Commemorative Museum Industry and Technology in Nagoya city.

The most popular attraction of the TOYOTA museum is the plant tour, you need to reserve the tour several weeks in advance.

Also, there is a gift shop where you can buy Toyota 2000GT mini-cars and plastic model kits, sweets and stationaries that you can get only there!

Official Website



TOYOTA MUNICIPAL MUSEUM OF ART opened in 1955 built on the hill where the “Shishu Castle” was used to be.

The museum has one of the popular art museums in Japan, especially has known for a collection of 20th-century art and design, and an ambitious exhibition of contemporary art.

Not only modern art, enjoy the modern architecture building designed by Yoshio Taniguchi who also designed The Museum of Modern Art, New York “MoMA”.

Walk around the garden designed by the famous landscape architect, Peter Walker.

There is also a restored tower and the tea room, “Doji-an” in the property. After enjoying the art, you can experience a unique Japanese architectural space.

The tea ceremony experience here can be a unique experience while sitting at the table, there is no need to sit on the floor vending knees.

When you get hungry or thirsty, there is a cafe and restaurant in the museum, which is the branch of the Michelin one-star French restaurant in Nagoya.

Official Website


TOYOTA stadium

It is the home stadium of Japan Professional Football (soccer) league team, NAGOYA GRAMPAS.

In 2019, it was selected as one of the stadiums for the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The stadium grass has replaced in June 2019. The new lawn called “Restoration lawn” was raised in Yamamoto-Cho, Miyagi Prefecture where the tsunami flooded area of ​​the Great East Japan Earthquake.

When you have a chance to visit the stadium, check out the unique-shape bridge on the way, but it is little in out of the city and walking is required.

Maybe not a chance to just see the stadium if you don’t watch soccer games.



“Korankei” has known as incredible spots to see Fall Foliage throughout Japan.

The view of over 4, 000 gorgeous red Japanese Maple trees is worth to see.

Take a stroll along Tomoe River to enjoy colorful trees and reflections of Mt Iimori, stop by a traditional farmhouse, “Sansyu Asuke Yashiki” and “Kojyaku Ji temple” to feel ancient Japan.

The light-up "Korankei" at night

The light-up “Korankei” at night is also stunning.

The fall foliage season starts late October through November, and the light-up trees is held during the “Momiji ( Japanese maple tree ) festival”.

Outside of the fall, you can still enjoy pretty wildflowers throughout the spring and the dynamic green view in the summertime to escape from the hustle-bustle of a city.

Why not walk to the photogenic town while feeling the beautiful countryside nature?



It is about a 20-minute walk to the town while you relax in the countryside atmosphere.

“Asuke” town is the prevention district town as Groups of traditional buildings in Japan.

The town is very compact so that you don’t take much time to look around the whole area.

However, there are narrow alleyways with the contrast of blackboard and white Shikkui plaster walls and you can find interesting stores and cafes.

One of the popular spots is “Manrin bookstore and cafe” which is a very unique bookstore, you can have a coffee break in a nostalgic atmosphere.

The Japanese traditional snack

gohei mochi

You should try “Gohei mochi” as a snack.

This is my favorite Japanese snack which is sticky rice with walnut miso paste.

It tastes savoy sweet miso and charcoal flavor.

Local festivals in Korankei and Asuke area

There are seasonal festivals and events all around the year in Asuke town.

You want to check out before visiting there!

Ashi Matsuri
The traditional festival to pray
for leg and foot health
Asuke Hachimangu
Feb. – Mar.
Chuma no ohinasan
The local traditional doll festival
in Asuke town
Asuke town and Korankei valley
Asuke Haru Matsuri
General Shigenori’s annual spring festivalAsuke Shrine
April -May All you can “Picking Fern shoots”
includes Bento lunch
Mitachi Kuri farm
Asuke Oiden Matsuri
Group dance festival
July – Oct.
Shirasagi yana
Hand-catching “ayu” fish
and grill in the temporary restaurant
on the riverbank
Asuke Summer festival
Local lantern, “Tankororin” festival Asuke town
Sep-Oct.Picking “Chesnuts”
includes Bento lunch
Mitachi Kuri farm
Asuke Matsuri
Local fall festivalAsuke Hachimangu
Jazz nights
Jazz nights with fantastic light-up
fall colors
Korankei valley
Momiji Matsuri
Japanese maple tree festivalKorankei valley

Asuke town official website

The walking map from Korankei Valley to Asuke town

*The map shows “Tomoe Bridge” in Koranke valley to “Mandarin bookstore”.

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