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2 Days Deep Osaka Itinerary “DAY 2”; The Takoyaki Vendor Hopping, Shopping, And More Osaka Food

2-days-Deep-Osaka-itinerary Travel Guide

Thank you for coming to Osaka Itinerary ” DAY 2″ from “DAY 1“!!

All right, let’s start “DAY 2” today!

The main concept of “DAY 2” is “Foodies” and “Shopping lovers”, so you will be stuffed at the end of the day.

The main event of DAY2 is the “Takoyaki street vendor hopping” during the walking tour. Please stop by, eat, and criticize Takoyaki tastes differences between one to another.

Wear comfortable sneakers, Be hungry, and bring cash!


Check the business hours of each facility in advance due to COVID-19.

Day 1

  1. 9:30 Osaka Castle
  2. 12:00 Tsuruhashi (Korean Town)
  3. 15:00 Shinsekai
  4. 18:00 Namba (Downtown Osaka)

Day 2

  1. 8:00 Kuromon Ichiba (Fish market)
  2. 10:00 Sennichi mae (Kitchen tools street market)
  3. 12:00 Namba Yasaka Shrine
  4. 16:00 Umeda Area

Osaka Soul Food; Takoyaki

takoyaki balls

“Tako Yaki”(たこ焼き), called “Octopus balls” in English, is the most popular OSAKA STREET FOOD.

“Tako” means “Octopus”, “Yaki” means “Grill”.

It is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a flour-based batter and cooked in a special pan. Diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion are typical ingredients and crispy outside, flavorful sauce, and nice creamy (gooey) inside. In the Japanese expression, “Soto wa Karii, Naka wa Troo!” (外はカリッ 中はトロッ).

Tkoyaki, street vendor, making takoyaki ball with the special pan, Osaka, Japan

The bite-sized ball is commonly served on a boat-shaped paper plate and two long toothpicks. It will need a little practice to eat Takoyaki with these sticks, (means it will be unhappy for people who are not good at using chopsticks) because Takoyaki balls are generally very soft, moist, and piping hot. so it may better to bring disposal cutlery or chopstick if it’s available. (*But some vendors give you a pair of chopsticks.)

Takoyaki balls are piping hot, don’t burn your mouth. I always cut half especially the first few balls.

You can semi-order toppings if you don’t like “Bonito flakes”, “Nori powder”, Mayonnaise”.

Just say, “No Katsuso bushi!” (bonito flakes), “No Aonori!”(Nonri powder), “NO Mayonnaise!”.

I pick up vendors on the route as much as possible. In addition, there are many branches of Takoyaki vendors even in the same districts yet I don’t show on the map.

  • You can freely customize the route, please.
  • You can stop by 4,5,6 on the way to the Namba station to Umeda. (Last destination)
  • 6, the steamed pork bun, this is my favorite bun in Osaka! Don’t have room in the stomach? You can also get it at Shin-Osaka station.
  1. Osaka de Ichiban oishii takoyakikun head quarter
  2. Takoyakiza
  3. Aizuya Namba nannan branch
  4. Dotonbori Kukuru Osaka Minami branch
  5. Wanaka Namba branch
  6. 551 Hourai ( steamed pork bun)

Keep the Takoyaki vendor hopping in your mind, let’s start from Osaka’s kitchen.

8:00 Fresh Tsuna Breakfast At Kuromon Ichiba

kuromon ichiba

“Kuromon Ichiba Market” (黒門市場) aka “The kitchen in Osaka” is well known as the 580-meter market selling fresh seafood, fresh vegetables, street food, and more by about 150 stores.

Get the map in the market, make sure restrooms locations.

You better go to the market around 9:00 a.m.for fresh seafood breakfast.

There are about 40 stores that sell fresh seafood, rice bowls, sushi, and tempura for foodies!
Find stores with eat-in space, enjoy fresh food.

How To Get

The best way is to stay in the Namba area. However…

The closest station is Osaka Metro, “Nihonbashi Station”(日本橋, S17, K17), take number 2 exit.

2 Chome-4-1 Nipponbashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0073, Japan

Things To Do




“Maguroya Kurogin” (まぐろや黒銀) is one of the popular “Tuna” specialty stores in the market where you can eat VERY FRESH TUNA from many choices of dishes.

You can eat the dish at the eat-in space attached to the store, chopsticks, soy sauce, wasabi paste, and small plates for sashimi are ready for hangry foodies.

Due to the famous Tuna shop, the process of purchasing is very organized and there is a guide who can speak English to guide you where you can eat.

• Information;


“KUROMON SANPEI” (黒門三平) is also a popular fresh tuna store, and also famous for fresh salmon and roe bawl.

They have also eat-in space, and complimentary “miso-soup” will be served.

• Information;

icy chilled canned beer, chuhai, morning, breakfast, Kuromonichiba, Osaka

I recommend to eat breakfast first and then stroll around the market. As time goes by, more visitors are coming and getting crowded.

We also did Morning Beer!, it was so chilled and refreshing to wake you up.

Other Popular Kuromon Market Food For Visitors!

  1. Grilled scallop
  2. Oden (Shofukuan, Ishibashi Syoten)
  3. Takotamago
  4. Fresh fruit juice (Daiwa Kaen)

grilled scallop, Kuromon Ichiba, Market, popular food, Osaka

tako tamago


  1. Many shops are closed on Sundays, better visit the market from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Ask the store before taking photos.
  3. Do Not litter. Put garbages in trash cans
  4. Do not stop and eat the food in the middle of the alley or front of the store

Let’s walk to Kitchenware street in Namba-Sennichimae area. It’s only about 5 – 10 minutes walk from the market.

Kitchenware Shopping Or Otaku Shopping ?!

Sennichimae Douguyasuji Shopping Street


“Sennichimae Douguyasuji Shopping street”(千日前道具屋筋商店街) is the west “Kappabashi street” in Asakusa, Tokyo.

It is a long name, isn’t it?!

  • Sennichimae(千日前)…the area name
  • Douguya(道具屋)…the tooling shop
  • suji(筋)…the street, alley (in this term)
  • Shotengai(商店街)…”Shopping street” in Japanese

In the short term, “Kitchenware street”.

Sennichimae Douguyasuji Shotengai, kitchenware shopping street, Namba, Osaka

A 150-meter long shopping street lined with specialty kitchenware stores. The “Kitchenware Fair” is held on October 9th, and various kitchenware will be available at discounted prices.

It is lots of fun to look at Professional cooking tools, and also you can find Japanese unique gifts such as plastic foods, chopstick holders, and Noren-Japanese door curtains.

If you are looking for a high-quality knife, the Sakai knife is famous for it, and you can get one in this market.

14-5 Nanbasennichimae, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0075, Japan

Nipponbashi Otaroad

maid cafe

If you like Japanese ANIME, MANGA, OTAKU culture rather than kitchen tools, Nipponbashi OTA road goes for you.

“Nipponbashi Ota Road” has many geeks shops and maid cafes, it is the “Akihabara” of the west.

Stop to the Nipponbashi information center to get the map, and hurry to get “rare” items!

Nipponbashi Information Center; 5 Chome-9-12 Nipponbashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0005, Japan

Namba Yasaka Shrine

Namba Yasaka Jinjya

It is the unique photogenic spot in Osaka, “Namba Yasaka Shrine” (難波八坂神社).

The giant lion-headed building must be eye-catching, but it is not an actual shrine.

The lion head is a stage for festivals or events.

Generally speaking, Osaka people want to stand out in everything, so they created a huge building that attracts attention.

Also, the main shrine is known as the god of “marriage tie”, buy the lucky charm for the romance if you have been looking for it.

After purifying yourself, go back to the “Dotonbori” area to taste the rest of Takoyaki!!!

Or go back to Osaka Metro, Namba station(M21), take Midosuji Line (Red), and head to Umeda station(M16).

Osaka Kita Downtown; Umeda

Umeda, Kita area, grand front Osaka, Umeda station, Osaka

As I mentioned in the DAY1 itinerary, Osaka city has two downtowns, which are the Namba-Minami area and the Umeda-Kita area.

Also, there are Shinkansen station in Umeda.

Let’s explore Umeda area before leaving Osaka.

Things To Do

Umeda Sky Building (梅田スカイビル)

umeda sky building

Umeda Sky Building” (梅田スカイビル), a spectacular high rise building has build 1993 as the new attraction near Osaka station.

It is the 173 meters high complex office building with 40 floors and 2 basement floors, with event halls, restaurants, shops, movie theaters, and of course an observation deck.

The nearest stations are Osaka Station and Umeda Station. If you go to the west side of “Grand Front Osaka”, you can see the underground passage leading to the Umeda Sky Building.

Umeda sky building, the escalator, the observatory, Umeda, Osaka

Use the cool escalator to go up to “the Floating Garden Observatory” on the 39th floor from the 35th floor after getting off the elevator.

Umeda sky building, Observatory, Osaka View, night View, Umeda, Osaka, Japan

Make it around sunset if you can to encounter the stunning 360-degree panoramic view. Generally, many tourists make a long line for waiting elevators around sunset time but it is worth seeing!

Elevators carry around 20 people (I am guessing) at once and go up to the destination very quickly.

Tips! If you purchase Osaka Amazing Pass, the ticket for the observatory is not charged to show the pass UNTIL 6:00 PM.

40 floor umeda sky building

Take a seat and enjoy a relaxing time looking down the romantic night view with a cold beer. After enjoying sweeping the view from the 40th floor, go further up to the “Sky Walk”, a rooftop open deck.

I have been “the Floating Garden Observatory” twice, but unfortunately, we couldn’t use “skywalk” both times. I think it was because of the strong wind, and the other time was under construction.

By the way, there is the popular Okonomiyaki restaurant “Kiji” at BF1.


hep five

“HEP FIVE” has been the iconic landmark of Osaka since 1998, and it still attracts tourists and young people with the red color Ferris wheel and the shopping mall.

The Ferris wheel costs ¥600/per person and takes 15 min to complete the ride, however, it will be free if you have Osaka Amazing Pass.

If you don’t have enough time for “Umeda sky building”, “HEP FIVE” is another option to enjoy the view.

Moreover, huge red-colored whales welcome you inside of the building.

Still Hungry?

You don’t want to miss OSAKA FOOD before leaving?

Originally in Umada area, JR Line “Osaka” station, Hanshin “Osaka Umeda” station, Hankyu “Osaka Umeda” station, Osaka Metro “Umeda” station, “Higashi-Umeda” station, “Nishi-Umeda” station, JR Line “North” Shinchi station, 7 stations are located. Since it is one of the most important terminals in Osaka, there are many eateries, grocery stores.

Especially after 2013, this are has been much more developed in these few years!

So you may need more time to find your favorite food to go.


You are allowed to eat and drink on the Shinkansen, but some passengers give dirty looks if you eat smelly foods such as a steamed pork bun, fried chicken and McDonald’s.

Osaka Station ( Umeda)

Shin-Osaka station

  • EKI MARCHE SHIN-OSAKA (Inside gates)
  • OSAKA NOREN MEGURI (Inside gates)

Subway Shin-Osaka station



How was about my 2 days Deep Osaka itinerary?

There are more popular and deep spots in Osaka where I couldn’t introduce today, YET! you still will be satisfied with 2 days in Osaka.

Where are you going next?

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