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10 Popular food that the Japanese order at Izakaya in Japan

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It is very difficult to decide what to order from a variety of food at Izakayas in Japan, even Japanese people have a hard time to decide what they want to eat.

When you go to Izakaya in Japan, what you should order?

Today, I am going to tell you popular dishes that Japanese people often order at Izakaya.

Tori no Karaage


“Tori no Karaage” (鶏の唐揚げ)” is the Japanese style fried chicken which is a very popular Japanese food.

In the common recipe, boneless chicken thighs are marinated with soy sauce and some other ingredients, coating flour, and deep-fry.

The skin crisps to crunchy cracklings and the meat melt with juicy tenderness – It is very good with Japanese draught beer, Highball, and sour!

*Karaage…deep-fry food coating flour

Nannkotsu no Karaage


“Nankotsu no Karaage” (軟骨の唐揚げ)” is deep-fried chicken cartilages.

I know sounds really weird for you, but you should try it.

It is pop corn-sized, crunchy, and no-gamey flavor, and also good with Japanese draught beer, Highball, and sour!

It is my must-order food at Izakaya.

French fries

Don’t need to explain, right?


yakitori irorio

Generally speaking, “Yakitori”(焼き鳥) is Japanese-style grilled skewered chicken.

Yakitori menu is not only chicken, but there are also several kinds of chicken parts, pork, beef, and vegetables too.

You have to choose flavors from two types, “Tare” or “Shio”.

“Tare” means dipped with teriyaki-like sauce, and “Shio” means “salty” flavor.

The common Yakitori menu

Chicken thighTori Momo
Chicken SkinTori Kawa
Chicken LiverTori Leba (reba)
Chicken CartilageNankotsu
Chicken ballTsu ku ne
Chicken GizzardSuna gimo
Pork and LeekNegi ma

Dashimaki Tamago

dashimaki tamago

“Dashimaki Tamago (だし巻き卵)” is a traditional Japanese rolled omelet made with egg and dashi.

There is a similar egg dish called “Tamagoyaki ” or “Atsuyaki Tamago”, which isn’t added “dashi”.

Honestly, I like “Tamagoyaki” more than “Dashimaki Tamago” but people order “Dashimaki Tamago” at Izakaya because it is fluffier and tastier than one cooked at home.

Some people like eating it with dipping soy sauce.




“Edamame”(枝豆) became popular worldwide nowadays, and it is known as a healthy snack in Japan too.

It is an iconic snack with a chilled draft beer and served very fast.

Especially, “Cha mame” (茶豆) or “Koro mame”(黒豆) brands are more high-quality taste.

*Mame…beans or peas

Another Healthy snack is here!



Sorry about another weird dish is for you.

“Takowasa”(たこわさ) is a diced row octopus leg with wasabi, soy sauce, and some ingredients.

Do not put “Tako Wasa” in your mouth too much at the once, wasabi will kick your nose.

It looks like a slimy texture, but, it is actually crunchy.

It is a mature snack to enjoy tasting the alcohol, especially Japanese Sake.


Grilled Hokke


“Hokke”(ホッケ) is “the Okhotsk Atka mackerel”, it’s fish.

“Shio-yaki” is a Japanese common cooking way for seafood, which simply grills seafood sprinkled a pinch of salt.

“Hokke” doesn’t keep long its freshness after being caught, so that it usually is sold butterflied and dried (or semi-dried) conditions.

The taste is far from mackerel, the meat comes out easily from borns and the skin.

It is my favorite fish, I eat this fish almost every night when I stay in my parent’s house in Japan. ( I always buy “Hokke” at Costco in Japan!)

It is good with “High ball” (ハイボール).

Potato salad

potato salad

Japanese people love mayonnaise, let me rephrase, love Japanese mayonnaise, and love “Potato salads” of course.

“Japanese mayonnaise” can call “Kewpie mayo”, it is the most popular mayonnaise and definitely delicious you ever taste.

Once you have taste, you notice the different flavors from the regular mayonnaise that you have. It’s tangier and sweeter than the western mayonnaise.

Japanese mayonnaise use only fresh egg yolks so it gives more rich and mild flavor.

I always buy 3 or 4 Kewpie calorie half mayonnaise, and put it on a boiled egg every morning.

I can’t switch western mayonnaise any more…

• Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise – 17.64 oz.

• Kewpie (Japan) Japanese Mayonnaise 50% Lower In Calories, Small Tube, 7.4 oz.



“Sashimi”(刺身) is sliced pieces of raw fish or seafood. ( It is different from Sushi)

Why not try fresh tasty “sashimi” during traveling to Japan?!

Leave your fear!!

Izakayas have “Today’s sashimi” menu, which means fresh seafood from the market at the day, or regular “sashimi” menu such as Tsuna, yellowtail tsuna, and squid.


Do you find the dishes you want to try?

The good thing about “Izakaya” is that you can try several foods with small portions and low cost, and you can share with your companies (or make a company).

There are more dishes I can’t introduce today, I am going to tell you unique (Wierd) foods at Izakaya soon.

10-popular-food-that-Japanese-order-at-Izakaya-in Japan-640x640 (1)

If you want to know about Izakayas, read…

Do you also want to know healthy Izakaya food???

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